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My name is Olga Rastegaeva. I am a travel-journalist, photographer and travel-expert.

I am a trained journalist and a widely published professional writer and photographer. I am a member of Russian Union of Journalists and International Federation of Journalists. My profession is to travel. More than 14 years, I travel all over the world, write articles and make reports for Russian periodicals – «Aeroflot magazine», «L’Officiel Voyage», «National Geographic Traveler», «Business Traveller», «Perfect Flight magazine», «R Flight magazine», «S7 Magazine», «GEO Traveller», «Aeroflot Premium» and other.

My own project Orange Traveler was first created in 2014. Orange Traveler is a bright blog about travels, Travelogue, an archive of valuable advices, as well as useless information, a collection of unusual itineraries, recommendations and amazing stories. It is quintessence of all that has a true value in journeys, and what I would like to share with you.

Orange Traveler - an awards wining travel blog. In 2018, my blog won many prestigeous nominations:
Best Travel Blog "Business Traveller Awards Russia and CIS 2018"
Top-3 Best Travel Blog "National Geographic Traveler Russia 2018"
Best Travel Blog "Momondo Open World Awards 2018"

My Media Partners

For many years I have visited more than 60 countries, and I have seen many wonders. I saw the sunrise in the African savannah and sunsets on the Caribbean coast. I ran away from wild elephants in Sri Lanka, caught ghosts in old castles in Scotland, walked around dressed like a princess at the carnival in Basel.

I teased white sharks in South Africa, flied “Tarzan” in the jungles of Costa Rica, watched penguins in the Antarctic, dandled a baby from the Himba tribe in my arms and I even became a personal assistant to Santa and received a diploma within the Polar Circle.

Vianne Rocher, the heroine of the novel “Chocolat” by Joanne Harris, always flew away with the wind of change. Apparently, the same wind, for many years picks me up and carries me in the search the adventures, elations, new meetings. Continents and countries, cities and time zones change each other.

People, hotels, money also change.

Not to put too fine a point on it, I get changed after each little life lived outside Moscow too. Only one thing remains unchanged – the belief that the world is enough!

Work with me

If you’re a representative National Tourism Board, Luxury hotel, Tour operator, air-company or have a travel-related product or service, here are few potential ways we can work together.

1. Brand ambassadorship: I showcase your brand or destination to my large engaged audience in a variety of formats, in a strategic manner. I can help to reach out to your target audience.
2. PR-promotion: I accept press trip invitations that fit my interest as a professional journalist. Destination marketing campaigns are the perfect way to increase awareness of a countries, cities and resorts and encourage readers to book activities, flights, and hotels based on recommendations of Orange Traveler. I can can provide blog posts with professional pictures, posts in social media and showcase your resort, airline, city, region or activity.
3. Providing content: I publish just professional author’s photos and literature texts. I use my personal storytelling and colorful images, to produce powerful and highly shareable content across Orange Traveler blog & social platforms. Tourist Boards and Brands frequently choose to work with me because of my beautiful photography available for purchase.

4. Organization of press-trips and media events for key media and web-sites. I have a long list of professional travel journalists, photographers and bloggers.
5. Reviews: I can represent for you good platform for review of your big thing in travel. Note: I only do reviews that are relevant and of interest to my audience and charge a fee for this.

My partners

On all questions of cooperation, please contact one of the possible channels of communication:

olga@orange-traveler.com www.fb.com/blog.orange.traveler

Also, you can fill in the feedback form:


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